"Transformers are our CORE business"
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SPECTRUM offers a wide range of transformers for measuring current and voltage. Voltage class ratings up to 138KV and current ratios up to 10000 Amperes. Products including but not limited to:
  • Breaker CT’s
  • Bushing CT’s
  • Control power transformers
  • Dry/oil filled transformers
  • Indoor/outdoor, single phase/3 phase
  • Low & medium voltage current transformers
  • Low & medium voltage potential transformers
  • Metering CT’s
  • Multi ratio transformers
  • Neutral ground transformers
  • Pole mounted transformers
  • Relaying CT’s
  • Rogowski coils .333 VAC (333 mVAC)
  • Split core CT’s
  • Zig zag transformers
Stock on many low & medium voltage (600v, 5kv, & 15kv) current and potential transformers, please contact Spectrum Industries at 978-532-4400, 1-800-644-9773.